Review Of The Three Binaural Programs


All Binaural programs provide brainwave entertainment which is the practice of using stimuli patterns developed at varying frequencies. Commonly, the stimuli can be aural for binaural or monaural beats and isochronic tones. All the three binaural programs which include; Centerpointe Holosync, OmHarmonics and Lifeflow work to better the meditation process and sessions.


buddhaThese binaural programs use sounds set at different frequencies to synchronize the two brain hemispheres to actively communicate through the introduction of extra “circuits” to allow faster passage of information in a relaxed manner. This refers to brain training which is induced by using the Centerpointe Holosync, OmHarmonics, and Lifeflow binaural programs to develop the brain’s abilities and capacity to access gamma, alpha, delta, beta and epsilon states. As a result of using binaural beats, the brain becomes customized to adjusting frequencies hence it can optimally meditate, relax and achieve a restful sleep.

Easy to use

All three binaural programs are very easy to use and need no previous experience or training since they only require that one to have the proper gadgets which include an audio player and earphones or headphones then one can install the programs and start enjoying them. Additionally, all these three programs occur under audio technologies hence it is very easy to control their use to achieve maximum benefits.

Desired effects

Centerpointe Holosync, OmHarmonics, and Lifeflow binaural programs apply brainwave neuro-technologies that use theta, alpha, beta, and delta frequencies to induce brainwave patterns that facilitate better meditation. As a result, maximum benefits are achieved with continuous use thereby managing to reduce stress and anxiety brought about by life’s pressure. Also, these binaural programs enable the mind or brain to master its abilities and strengths such that it achieves improved concentration and focus. It also assists achieve a relaxed and content mental and emotional state which contributes to the wholesome body health.

Varying levels

The development of the various binaural programs comes in varying levels that must be followed to ensure proper mastery of the particular program. Moreover, in achieving holistic cognitive and behavioral therapy through brainwave neuro-technology, one needs to closely follow the guidelines provided to ensure that they achieve the desired effects.

The Centerpointe Holosync is the longest of all and has 13 levels that take a minimum of an hour to complete each fully. The Lifeflow has ten levels that start with delta waves for lower levels and end with alpha waves for higher levels. On the other hand, OmHarmonics has two levels that are divided into 15 to 30 minutes compact sessions. Consequently, the pricing also varies among the three programs.


rocksPricing is seen as the major challenge with the binaural programs since compared to other meditation programs they are relatively higher. Moreover, these programs do not provide guided meditations which may prove futile for beginners and as a result may not provide a complete solution to the meditation needs.…