India, The Land of Spiritual Yogis and Ayurveda offered one more precious jewel in the field of health – Yoga. The practices of the ancient Yogis to enhance the mental as well as physical health over a period formed as Yoga. The History, as most of the times, has offered us vivid origins of yoga. Some claim that the practice was there since 1000 B.C. The word Yoga was first seen in the famous sacred Hindu Vedas. History proves that one sage from India named Patanjali regularized the practice first and after that many other sages over the time donated to the existing systematic Yoga practices.

Understanding Yoga

The yoga today

Today with all those contributions and corrections of practices Yoga has become a famous and essential way of life for many people all over the world. The main factor which made Yoga so popular over the period of times is the ‘Feel good’ factor through a way of life,’ which majority of the people in the world are seeking.


Meaning of the word Yoga:

Though many of us use the word Yoga in our daily life quite often we never tried to reach to the depth of what it does mean. Yoga means Connection to Self or Union. What it implies is that one will be able to connect with their inner-self more with Yoga thus having more peace and thus more self-knowledge. Since it is giving immense knowledge to one, Yoga is even called a Science.

How Yoga helps you:

Yoga works on one’s energy level, emotional well-being and of course on physical strength. One who practices Yoga is using their body weight as the tool for the workout which results in a toned and healthy body. While doing Yoga people are advised to clear their mind and release all the negativity inside so that, the time over which they are practicing, will be stress-free and relaxing. Regular practice of this routine will give them a calm and relaxed mental stage throughout the day. This will lead to a positive outlook towards life, people around, situations and even universe. For women’s health problems



Yoga offers miraculous remedies through Hormonal Balancing through certain postures. Medical field today supports and promotes Yoga very much because of proven studies on the effect of Yoga and meditation in a lot of decreases, few to be named like Alzheimer’s, heart Attacks, arthritis, cancer, etc.

The History Of Yoga Over Time
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